Golf information

Getting there

Elton Furze Gold Club
Bullock Road

Directions can be found at

Tel: 01832 280 189

COVID: Please wear a mask when in Clubhouse and only remove when sitting down eating or drinking or if outside


Date: Friday 10th September
Location: Club House at Elton Furze
Time: 7.15am - 11.00am
Pro shop: open from 7.00am

Team Captains: PLEASE ensure you register with ALL your team present.

A ticket for each of the team to have lunch half-way round will be given to Captain at Registration.  The bar will be available for golfers or non-golfers to purchase any food/drinks throughout the day.

Due to the large number of entries, we shall be using a two-Tee start. This will benefit the player on two counts 1) you will have an hour to enjoy lunch after playing nine holes before you play your next nine! The starter will provide you with the timings for your second nine holes: and, 2) we hope to get the field finished earlier so that you can go back to the hotel and be ready for an amazing evening!  Please arrive at Golf Course at least an hour before your tee off.

Tee Times

1st Tee 730am - 11.00am Men Yellow Tees
10th Tee   7.30am - 11.00am   Ladies   Red Tees

NB Should you wish to play the course beforehand please ring 01832 280614 and book a tee time and let them know you are playing in the Tony Hadley Golf Classic and they will give you special member guest rate of £20.00 per person.

Dress Code

Appropriate golfing attire and golf shoes on course – NO JEANS/TRAINERS.

NO golf/spiked shoes allowed in Clubhouse bar area.

Competition Information

This year, as well as the main golf competition, you will also compete in the Sponsor’s competition giving your team entry into “THE EUROS 21 – ROAD TO WEMBLEY” on the golf course. Your team will be representing a European Country in this competition.

In addition, we are delighted to inform you that once again we will be using LIVE scoring with smart phones organised by Competition Golf, kindly sponsored by Quai digital. A tutorial on use will be given on the day, so please ensure you allow enough time prior to your tee time.

Main Competition

The main golf competition will be a Four Ball Stableford Team Event.

To try to reduce round times this year we have altered the playing format a little.  Every player will play a tee shot and then the Team Captain will choose the ‘best drive’ from which each team member will play their next shot.  After this, all players will play their own ball, as normal in golf.  You must take a minimum of 4 drives of each player.

We have also tweaked the scoring system a little this year, so rather than the best 2 scores on each hole counting (as in previous years), this year 2 players’ scores will count for 6 holes, 3 players’ scores will count for 6 holes and 4 players’ scores count for 6 holes. To ensure there is no advantage for playing off 1st or 10th tees the breakdown for this scoring system will be as follows:

1 - 3 2 players’ scores count
4 - 6 3 players’ scores count
7 - 9 4 players’ scores count
10 - 12 2 players’ scores count
13 - 15 3 players’ scores count
16 - 18 4 players’ scores count

The Course Handicap limit will be 24 for Men and 30 for Ladies and players will receive a stroke allowance of ¾ of their Course Handicap.  However, when completing your confirmation sheet for return to the Organiser, please simply write down your official/normal handicap and, if you are a golf club member, please include your CDH number. If you are a regular golfer but no CDH Number and you play off a handicap lower than 24/30, then put that handicap. My Golf Team will check your handicap given on the day and the Scorer will make any necessary adjustments. If you do not have an official/normal handicap, please write 24 for Men and 30 for Ladies and we’ll work things out from there.

Team Captains Note

  1. Captains must enter all four gross scores after each hole using the pre-programmed Phone.
  2. Captain – please ask team members who are heading towards scoring more than a double bogey to pick up their ball (this helps with pace of play).
  3. The “THROW IN” – Each player can for ONE SHOT ONLY use their hand to throw the ball.
  4. REPLAY” – Each player will have ONE MULLIGAN to be used on any SHOT other than a Tee Shot and only to be used ONCE.
  5. RED CARD” – The Captain of each team will be given a RED CARD before the Team play their first Tee. On each hole a player who either “loses” a ball or “ball goes in the bunker or water” or “misses the ball completely” will be given the RED CARD. The RED CARD will be passed around the players in the team as each event occurs.  The last player left holding the RED CARD at the end of the Round will be fined £5.

The Phone will now also collate the scores for the ‘All Rounder’ (Yellow Ball) competition. You can purchase your one “Yellow Ball” on your first Tee for £10.00 (1 Ball per team).   To be eligible to win the Yellow Ball competition you will need to hand your Yellow Ball to the Scorer (if you still have it) with your score Phone at the end of the round.

Scores entered on the Phone will be used to determine the Winning Team of the main golf competition and the ‘Winners’ of the EUROS 21 – ROAD TO WEMBLEY.  Each person playing for the ‘Winning Country” will receive a prize kindly donated by Quai digital and Mashie Golf which will be presented to the Team Captain during the evening event.  

Please note that the scores for all 2 competitions will be visible as Leader boards on the Phone and on screen in the Clubhouse, however, there will be 3 scores hidden so the final results will not be known until golf presentations during the evening.

THE EURO’s 21 – ROAD TO WEMBLEY” COMPETITION RULES (the Score phone will automatically determine the Winning Team)

  1. Each Team will be entered into a draw against another team in Round 1 and then, if victorious, will play in Round 2 and then continuing to the Final.
  2. For each Round, a player’s, or a mix of players’ Stableford scores will count as the Team score. If the scores of the two teams playing against each other are level, then the team’s overall score will add a bonus point to the score therefore putting that team into the next round.
  3. The Rounds continue until we have a winning team in the Final.

Example of Draw can be found in the programme.

At the end of the round please ensure you return the Score Phone, Yellow Ball and person with Red Card pays the £5 fine to The Scorer.

If you have any questions on any of these rules, please ask the Scorer who will explain to you.

Gold Entertainment Package - £20

Each golfer can ONLY purchase the “Entertainment Package” at Registration (unless prepaid) - Cost is £20 per golfer (all money goes to the Charity). This enables participation in Beat The Pro, Hole 5, the Champagne Putting Competition on Practice Putting Green and the TEAM can also have a go at FOOTBALL DARTS on Chipping Green - Operator will explain the rules.  Vouchers given on purchase of this package should be handed to representative on each competition as proof of entry. The Package also includes $100 of fun money (worth £10) to play in the Fun Casino this evening for prizes!

Mashie Golf Champagne Putting Competition (Practice Putting Green) Please hand in your Voucher to the representative on the Putting Green.

Open from 8.30am – 4.30pm.

A bottle of Champagne will be placed in a hole on the green and you will have 6 shots to hit it!  The person who hits it the most wins the Champagne!!

 “Beat The Pro” (Hole 5) Please hand in your voucher to the representative on Hole 5. This is your opportunity to Beat the Pro – BEX McGINLEY - Your tee shot must be on the green and inside the Pro’s so even if the Pro misses the green and you get on the green you have beaten the Pro! If you manage to do this, you will receive a voucher to hand in at hospitality marquee after your final hole to receive your prize along with your goody bag!

FOOTBALL DARTS” Open from 8.30am – 4.30pm.

Hole Activities

Hole 5 Beat the Pro (only if you have bought Entertainment Package)
Hole 9 Men’s “Longest Drive” for “Jack Powell Trophy” (Trophy will be inscribed with winner’s name)
Hole 11 Ladies “Longest Drive
Hole 13 The Kell Ryan Trophy for “Longest Drive with a Hickory Club” (Refusal will cost you £5)
Hole 14 Going for GOLD!
Hole 15 Mashie Golf Challenge will be £5 entry (payable on the Hole) for Nearest to the Pin. Each golfer who Beats the Pro Nearest to the Pin wins a Prize!
Hole 18 Money for Old Rope (USED ON 18th GREEN ONLY) – This could enhance your game!
  1. Each TEAM will be able to buy a piece of string for £5 on their first Tee along with the “Yellow Ball”.
  2. The string can then be used ONCE BY THE TEAM on the 18th Green only.
  3. You can use the string anywhere on the 18th green (enables you to move your ball the length of the string without adding a stroke to your score, useful if your putt is less than your piece of string). The Team need to decide between them when best to use the string.
  4. Fair play will be monitored on this hole.

Hole in One prize

Hole 2 Kia Car! Kindly donated by BOONGATE KIA
Hole 5 Prize Kindly donated by BOONGATE KIA
Hole 12 Prize Kindly donated by BOONGATE KIA
Hole 15 Prize Kindly donated by BOONGATE KIA

Prizes will be awarded for:

Winning Team
Second Team, Third Team and Fourth Team!
Best Theme Dressed Team
Best Individual Golfer
Best Team Name
Mashie Putting Competition
Longest Drive Men & Longest Drive Ladies
Winning Team of “All Rounder” (Yellow Ball Competition)
Each golfer in the team representing the Winning Country in “THE EUROS – ROAD TO WEMBEY” will win a prize!
kindly donated by our sponsors Quai digital in conjunction with Mashie Golf


If you have been kind enough to sponsor a hole, a banner or banners with company details on will be placed on your sponsored hole in an appropriate place on the hole either near tee or the green. All banners should arrive with appropriate stakes and fixings to allow us to put up banners correctly.  If you have sponsored a hole but do not already have a banner, then please contact the following who will be able to help you at a reasonable price and mention it is for The Tony Hadley Golf Classic:

Mick Horton  - Europress Print on 01733 390890 for free quote email

With regard to your delivery of banners, please contact Margaret Clark via email or by phone 01733 350951 NO LATER THAN 3rd September to arrange for safe delivery/collection of banners by 10th September.  Please confirm the number of your sponsored hole when speaking to Margaret and ensure Banner delivery is marked accordingly. The course will be set up by volunteers the day beforehand and therefore we regret it will not be possible for banners to be put up during the golf day itself. Please let Margaret know if you would like two banners on your sponsored hole – one on tee and/or one near green, if appropriate.